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5th festival of engaged

ethnographic film

Exploring Cultures Through the Lens

23–26. November 2023.

Cultural Center Vlada Divljan

Free entrance

About Festival

Festival of engaged ethnographic film “Vizantrop” seeks to collect audiovisual productions of domestic and international authors of ethnographic and engaged films from the region, and to show their perception of cultural and social problems, as well as ways of overcoming those problems. With this festival, the authors and the audience build a dialogue of togetherness, in which the goal is to show and accept diversity among identities and ethnic groups throughout Europe. “Vizantrop” brings together young people from the region and Europe who will participate in various panels dealing with the relationship between social engagement and film (documentary / ethnographic) creativity.

Every year, the selection committee selects the latest works from domestic and international ethnographic film production, divided into four categories:

Competition category:
• Equality and community

Informative categories:
• Women’s film
• Ecology and social activism
• Student film


The mission of the festival is to encourage research and creative approaches in engaged anthropological films, to educate the audience on ways of observing and accepting the diversity of local, cultural traditions and to point out the importance of cultural specificities and the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

Jury & Selectors


Ana Banić

Ana Banić is a research associate at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology at the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Since 2016, she has been working on the courses Anthropology of Folklore, Anthropology of Popular Culture and Anthropology of Media and Media as a Source at the department of the same name. Her research interests are in folklore studies, popular culture and digital media, minority cultural identities, contemporary migrations and modern tourism phenomena.

Petar Veljačić

Petar Veljačić after completing his studies in ethnology and anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy and the School of Documentary Film of the Academic Film Center in Belgrade in 2007, he was engaged in various video productions and projects for working with young people. In 2013 he obtained a master's degree in audiovisual arts (master's program in film directing at the University of Sint-Lucas in Brussels, Faculty of Art and Design), and in 2017 he completed postgraduate research in sound at the University of Ghent and Goldsmiths University in London (EPAS - European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound). After graduating, he actively works in the fields of film and video production and media education. He held workshops and trainings in Serbia, Greece, Lithuania, Belgium, Haiti, Guyana

Relja Pekić

Master of ethnology and anthropology from Belgrade. His field of research is in the domain of visual anthropology, anthropology of sport and tourism, and engaged anthropology. In 2018, he became the director of the Center for Visual Anthropology - VAC and a member of the "Vizantrop" collective. Relja is a member of the selection committee and director of the festival of engaged ethnographic film "Vizanthrope", which took place in 2019 and 2020 in the UK "Stari Grad" in Belgrade, and he was twice elected as president of the student jury at the International Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade. He is the author of 6 short ethnographic films, and with the film "Crossroads of Culture" he won the audience award at the first SEF festival in Zadar. At the "ETNOFILM" festival (Rovinj) in 2019, he was chosen as the main selector for the student program. 9 years ago, he founded the "School of Visual Anthropology" workshop, in which he participated as a lecturer, editor and mentor.

Kosta Talbić

Kosta Talbić is a student of Psychology at the Faculty of Media and Communication, First Krovadžija and Co-Co-Founder of the Social Center Krov. Kosta is the founder and host of the Metaphyisca podcast, as well as the Metaphysical Literature Readers' Club, which deals with the maintenance of the world's spiritual heritage. He is also a Member and Organizer of the Engaged Ethnographic Film Festival - Vizantrop.

Ana Cvetković

Born on August 20, 1987 in Kragujevac. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, majoring in Ethnology and Anthropology. During her studies, she became interested in the problems of the society in which she lives. Therefore, in 2008, she enrolled in the two-semester alternative program "Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research" in Belgrade and received their official certificate. As a very active member of Women's Studies, she started working in 2010 on the SOS telephone of the Autonomous Women's Center, and since 2012 she has been leading self-help groups as an experienced presenter.
- In 2013, she became Vukana's mother.

- In 2014, she shot the film "How I Won", which was shown at the themed evening "Feminist Directors of Serbia".

- Center for Margin | Belgrade 2014 - 2015. Co-creator, creative consultant, author of the site

- Catalyst | Belgrade 2016 - 2017. Educator of peer violence in secondary schools.

- Social Center "Krov" | Belgrade 2020 - right now. Project coordinator. PR of the "Vizantrop" festival.

Official Selection