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Film screening

Pre-Festival program: Red Earth White Snow

By 26.10.2023.October 29th, 2023No Comments

The crew from the “Vizantrop” collective is cooking up a new festival for us, the fifth in a row, and before that they will show films from their archive in the Roof Social Center! Enjoy!

Movie: Red Earth White Snow
Duration: 71 min
Author: Christine Moderbacher


In the 1960s, media images of the Nigerian Civil War shaped the image of the continent. As was the case with Christine Moderbacher’s father, who decades later wants to help his priest Sabin build a Catholic school in his Nigerian hometown. They are joined by their daughter and her camera. This film is an intimate journey of a father and daughter, and a cinematic diary of the common bonds and incompatibilities of the independence movement and Christian missionary projects.

Christina Moderbacher was born in Austria and lives in Brussels. She holds an MA in Visual Anthropology/Documentary Film at the University of Manchester (UK). He works as a documentary director, journalist and lecturer at film workshops in Austria, Italy and Belgium.

After watching the film, your host, visual anthropologist Relja Pekić, will open a discussion with the audience.