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Open Call for Submissions: VIZANTROP Ethnographic Film Festival

By 04.06.2024.No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that submissions are now open for the 6th edition of the **VIZANTROP Ethnographic Film Festival** in Belgrade, Serbia! We invite filmmakers and researchers with innovative and analytical approaches to cultures and societies to submit their works.

The last few years we have been marked by wars and human suffering around the world, therefore the vision of this festival is to highlight the problems of communities that are rarely visible and the problems that are neglected by state apparatuses and their violent instruments.

Engaged ethnographic filmmakers capture the pulse of social change, documenting grassroots movements, protests, and resistance efforts. By chronicling moments of collective action and resilience, these films inspire hope and solidarity in the face of adversity.

Film, as well as most media, have once again become indisputable weapons of propaganda, therefore our invitation is addressed to visual anthropologists, sociologists, social researchers and all cultural workers for whom the camera is an instrument to send us their reflective and observational films, which we consider very valuable in the 21st century.

Submissions are free of charge.

Submission Categories:

1. **Community and Equality (Competition Program)**

   – Films on various human cultures and communities
– Works exploring alternative economies, political transformations, and movements
– Films featuring researchers aiding marginalized and endangered communities
– Autoethnographic films and experimental ethnographic forms challenging human perception for deeper understanding

2. **Ecological and Social Movements (Informative Program)*

   – Films by environmental activists or filmmakers/social researchers documenting environmental and social movements
– Visual essays using social intervention to reveal hidden issues and amplify the voices of marginalized groups

3. **Women’s Film (Informative Program)*

   – Ethnographic and documentary films by or about women
– Topics include women’s activism, roles in communities, maternity in conflict zones, migration, labor issues, feminist cinema, and gender equality initiatives

4. **Student Film (Competition Program)**

   – Films produced by university students and participants of visual anthropology workshops

**Submission Requirements:**

– Films should be no older than 4 years
– Must align with the themes of the specified categories

Join us in celebrating diverse cultures, social movements, and the powerful voices of communities worldwide. Submit your film to be part of this engaging festival experience.

**Deadline for Submissions:** 1st of September


Spread the word and help us create a platform for voices that matter. We look forward to your submissions!