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Acknowledgment for the successful promotion and popularization of enthology and anthropology to the general public

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Our association received a letter of gratitude for the successful promotion and popularization of ethnology and anthropology to the wider public at the celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Philosophy on Tuesday, June 18, in the Great Hall of the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade.

We are honored that this collective has existed since 2016, when we recognized visual anthropology as a socially engaged potential at the “SEF festival” in Zadar and thus founded an online magazine, which was published for the next two years. A year later, we organized the “Regional Panel for the Development of Visual Anthropology” in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum, and subsequently launched the engaged ethnographic film festival, which has been running for six years.

Our collective expanded to Croatia in 2018, becoming a Serbian-Croatian collective of ethnologists and anthropologists, and together we participated in the realization of projects with colleagues from Zagreb. As part of the tenth “ETNOFILM” in Rovinj, we jointly organized an ethnographic film workshop in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum of Istria.

In collaboration with visual anthropologist Igor Čoko, we organized photography courses, as well as numerous panels and forums within the festival. The renowned “Filmožur” at Dorćolsko Narodno Pozorište Kosmodrom stage, as well as in many other venues such as Društveni Centar NNK, NNK Brod, Klub Studio Kućica, Bar Kućica, Kvaka 22, Klub Pločnik in Zagreb, Dom B-612 in Novi Sad, Živko Skvotec, and Modri Kot (Autonomous Center Rog, Ljubljana), Društveni Centar BEK and many other spaces, have enriched these magical events.

The “Vizantrop” collective has been one of the founders of the Social Centar “KROV” for the past four years and actively participates in the self-organization of the space. The development of this organization has been greatly supported by sister organizations Visual Anthropology Center (VAC) and the Center for Ethnomusicological Activities, with whom we have organized numerous field trips, film projects, and visual anthropology workshops.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our work in the past and to the professors from the Faculty of Philosophy who continue to help us!